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Parking access is based upon occupancy picketing on a people in a vehicle any drive into a San Francisco parking garage, this an example of a pilot we provide an incentive for discount of reduced rate for capitalist as we have occupancy data we can share that with the ticket machines a concatenated price in real-time or other applications this would be a parking section for carpoolers to get on it. Since we occupancy, we can open and close the gate. What we'll talk about today is how can these in the world of managed lanes are tolling to my discounts and/or measure occupancy for many uses such as enforcement they are talking about but I will talk about convincing you process somewhat similar to information already know for being in a tolling business for many years. We're trying to address it in a different way. Enforcement started off with police officers, my father worked for the tolling authority clicking quarters, it wasn't safe, someone profitable we try to catch them. Now we have more advanced methods we put a jabber system or lay system to notify the police officer of the needles in a study to investigate. As you have heard, it is very difficult. Is time-consuming. Since my father-in-law has been in law-enforcement for 35 years, it is the last thing and actually suffers wants to do is sit on the road and give a $200 ticket putting her life in danger. Is certainly not safe,. As you know, it also slows down the network. As he park the police officer the side of the road, everyone slams on the brakes regardless of their heading to get out. We now allow PeopleSoft there. You know the challenges. Sometimes we set it to three and we drive because carpool in the next day we forgets to switch back. These are just accidents. It is not a perfect science. Moving into camera kinds of systems, we do projects around the globe and invasion of privacy is a big deal in certain disabilities where peering into a vehicle to see how many people is just not allowed. All these kinds of enforcement ways of attacking this problem generally to us seem that they are all focused around serving penalties to trade two different cheaters. The challenges as we know are many.

One is infrastructure. You have to bill law-enforcement or build a separate ramp or camera relay systems and signal systems to the officer. The coverage of enforcement is very low. The view ability of a camera, the places he can place a law enforcement officer on the road and the amount and kind that are actually out there, we're talking about less percentage of coverage in the network when you tried to visual enforcement methods, accuracy, safety, and the performances, the biggest issue because any method visual to the drivers is going to cause, it causes one of them on the brakes cut that's all it takes to create a bottleneck. Finally errors cost involved that when you consider the amount of money that you are actually spending for every ticket that you are issuing got someone is cheating at over two dollars and it is costing you literally tens of thousands of dollars to take it to court and prove that using enforcement methods.

"As a professional," said Kutsch, vice president of strategic technology for Convergys Corp., "I needed to talk about the same new books that my colleagues were talking about on airplanes, before meetings, and at conferences." He was especially excited about daily newspapers. Four years ago, when he had a 45-minute commute to work each day, he found that, for the first time, he was able to scan the same morning newspaper as his print-reading colleagues. At 6:30 a.m., the daily Wall Street Journal (an excerpted audio version of the same day's print publication) is available online to subscribers. Kutsch would download it to his portable handheld player and listen to it on the way to work. "For the first time," he said, "I was the one to say, 'Hey, take a look at that article about Ford Motor or IBM.'"

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